asphalt road with filled cracks in bandera tx

Asphalt Repair

Sealing joint crack in asphalt bandera tx

High-Quality Asphalt Repair Services in Bandera, TX, and Nearby Areas

Repairing asphalt with our infrared equipment will cut labor and material costs in half, and enables our road crews to perform ultra-clean patching with no seams left behind for water or ice to form under after the repair. These repairs can be made year round.

Potholes, trench cuts, and other asphalt repairs can be giant headaches for public works managers and road crews… ubiquitous, time-consuming, expensive to repair, tie up traffic and are hazardous to passenger cars, trucks, cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians.

This new infrared asphalt repair technology enables city, county and state road crews to save tons of time, material, and labor costs in repairing hazardous potholes, alligator cracking, failed utility cuts and other surface defects that plague their asphalt streets and parking lots – year round.

The infrared technique also provides superior repairs to roads, parking lots and driveways at savings of up to two-thirds the cost of conventional methods. As opposed to conventional repair, which requires the removal of old asphalt from a damaged site and its replacement with new asphalt, the new infrared technology expedites repair by heating, fusing, and compacting recycled asphalt, saving equipment, labor, and new material in the process.